In case you like my shipping and payment icons or love other work I do feel free to order something from my whislist. You might have heard that I’m back into model railroading, so this whislist is a little bit model railroad heavy. Also make sure to check out my Youtube channel Franconian & Western where I talk all things model railroads.

If you decide to order me something from my whislist, please send it to this address:

℅ Matthias Slovig
Hauptstr. 17-19/Geb. 6305
55120 Mainz
  1. ESU 31276 EMD Class 66 Captrain
  2. PIKO 51860 BR 118
  3. PIKO 56422 Sounddecoder BR 118
  4. PIKO 51300 BR 151
  5. PIKO 56423 Sounddecoder BR 151
  6. NME 508613 Getreidesilowagen Tagnpps 130 „Wascosa“, orange
  7. NME 503730 Staubsilowagen Uacns „Wascosa”, orange/blau