In case you like my shipping and payment icons or love other work I do feel free to order something from my whislist. You might have heard that I’m back into model railroading, so this whislist is a little bit model railroad heavy. Also make sure to check out my Youtube channel Franconian & Western where I talk all things model railroads.

If you decide to order me something from my whislist, please send it to this address:

℅ Matthias Slovig
Hauptstr. 17-19/Geb. 6305
55120 Mainz
  1. PIKO 96468 Diesellok 102 RRF
  2. NMJ 94106 Topline CargoNet El14 2176
  3. Roco 75901 7-tlg. Display: LKW Walter, AAE
  4. Brawa 42406 – Diesellok BR 261