VX ConnectBot – ConnectBot on steroids

Most of the time ranting about something brings up better solutions. I was quite disappointed with ConnectBot as an alternative to Prompt and mentioned this in my first android review. @DarthMowl replied on Twitter and suggested VX ConnectBot.

Well, we are back in Canada and it’s raining again so I got some time to write about VX ConnectBot. It addresses most of the issues I criticized.

  • You can import keys. Just store the key on the device and import it with VX ConnectBot.
  • Bookmarks can be renamed, that however also works with ConnectBot, I just didn’t try a tap-and-hold on the bookmark before.
  • Terminal size can be changed by pinch gestures.

The problem with the arrow keys remains. However, there’s an app for that (sic!), Full Keyboard. Or any other keyboard extension on Android. However, I found none I’m comfortable with so I will stick with the default keyboard for the time being.

There are some more features that set VX ConnectBot apart from ConnectBot, what I love most is the ability to assign keystrokes to hardware buttons. So ‘Volume up’ now works as tab key and ‘Volume down’ as control key. With no more hardware buttons on the Nexus 4 that’s it for this device, but you can assign more buttons on other devices.

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